We are Reflection Point

Unleash the power
of trust, cohesiveness
and collaboration in your organization.

Reflection Point builds relationships that increase inclusion, innovation and performance. We guide small groups through a professionally facilitated discussion of a short story—selected for specific narratives and characters—to elicit diverse perspectives, develop mutual trust and respect, and enhance collaboration and creativity.

Improve confidence and communication, and you’ll see improved results.

  • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
    In Reflection Point programs, short stories are a springboard for respectful discussions on otherwise sensitive topics. We give colleagues the opportunity to express themselves—and listen—in a safe space. Together, they develop understanding, reframe beliefs, find common ground and jointly develop a culture of mutual respect to support DEI initiatives.
  • Team Effectiveness
    We have worked with teams of engineers, restaurant workers, healthcare providers, machinists and people in many other roles, using literature to encourage empathy, active listening, critical thinking and creativity. Our programs provide a unique venue for groups to practice team dynamics and leadership skills in a low-stakes environment.
  • Culture Change
    Reflection Point brings employees together from every level of the organization, engaging their perspectives, demonstrating their value and fostering deeper interpersonal connections across hierarchies and functions. This barrier-breaking work can support an existing culture change initiative—or help launch a new one.

Participants say that Reflection Point improves their...

  • Confidence
  • Trust and Respect
  • Understanding and Perspective
  • Empathy
  • Inclusion and Affirmation
  • Psychological Safety
  • Communication
  • Mental and Emotional Health

What makes Reflection Point so effective?

“Following Reflection Point sessions, our collaboration is always better. We  build on each other’s ideas versus trying to come up with the winning idea. My colleagues will offer an idea for dialogue and debate without attaching themselves to it. The introverts find their voice, new points of view emerge, and we all see the world through a slightly different and slightly clearer lens.”
Marvin Riley
Former CEO, Enpro Industries, Inc.