We are Reflection Point

We help you work better together.

The modern workplace is lonely, disconnected, and divided. But we can change that.

We help teams do their best work. We take the remote out of remote work. We help companies become more innovative, inclusive, and productive.

We break barriers, boost collaboration, and change corporate cultures for the better.

Change your workplace for the better.

  • Modern Work is Hard
    Connection is the antidote to isolation, burnout, exclusion, low morale, and poor performance. But in today’s remote, hybrid world, it’s not easy to find real ways to bring teams together.
  • Connect Your People
    We create powerful shared experiences. We choose stories that tackle your specific workplace issues. Then we discuss them in small groups with specially trained facilitators. Over time, these conversations shift thinking and transform team dynamics.
  • Change Your Culture
    Stories unlock dialogue and build shared perspectives. Once teams see and know each other better, it improves collaboration, problem solving, and creativity. This drives performance – boosting inclusion, productivity, and innovation.
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of participants say Reflection Point is worthwhile.

  • Collaboration
  • Psychological Safety
  • Trust
  • Communication
  • Connection
  • Mental Health
  • Empathy
  • Innovation
  • Inclusion
  • Problem Solving

Stories Open Minds and Flip Perspectives

Reflection Point uses hundreds of different stories, and we choose the ones that unearth the right themes and discussions for your organization.

When we bring colleagues together to share perspectives and reflect on powerful stories, we start conversations we wouldn’t otherwise have.

We melt hierarchies and level the playing field. We kickstart connection, relationships, and, ultimately, help teams work better together.
Engage Your Team
“The Color Master”
by Aimee Bender
Growing in role, an apprentice to an expert color master meets a difficult set of orders from an important customer. The story elegantly explores client service, examining mentorship, succession, mastery and the struggle to achieve excellence in the face of emotional and ethical challenges.
"Good Hunting"
by Ken Liu
A young Chinese man befriends a mythical female creature that his family has hunted for generations. As westerners bring new technology, magic disappears and their friendship is tested. This story tees up conversation about making connections with people who are very different from us, how we are transformed by our relationships, and what it means to adapt during times of great change.
“Dead Men's Path”
by Chinua Achebe
An eager new schoolmaster seeking to modernize his village school refuses to permit villagers to use an ancestral path on the school grounds. This story encourages conversation about the push and pull between tradition and innovation, the challenges of communicating between vastly different points of view, and the difficulty of wielding authority in new cultural contexts.

You can’t hate a man once you know him...

A group of machinists in an engine manufacturer met regularly to discuss a wide variety of books. They relished the chance to see a different side of their colleagues and to “respect one another’s thoughts more than they did before.” But they also credited Reflection Point with an increase in productivity. When asked why, a young member of the team suggested that Steinbeck said it best: “You can't hate a man once you know him,” he explained. “Now that we know each other, there’s not a problem we can’t solve together.”