When we understand, we grow. When we trust, we grow together.

Human connection is the bedrock of healthy organizations, permitting us to fully recognize each other and to build the bridges to explore the ideas that unite or divide us. Reflection Point builds communities of openness, respect and belonging by creating the conditions for genuine human connection at every level of the workplace—for team building, leadership development and more.

Our Reach

Reflection Point continues to expand in breadth and depth.
As of May 10, 2024, we have served:






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Under our former name, Books@Work, we piloted Reflection Point in 2009 with food service employees at AVI Foodsystems, facilitated by professors from Hiram College. Through their discussions, AVI participants shared experiences and found a common language. Supervisors observed that participants “asked better questions” and were more engaged, both with each other and with customers.
our growth


Today, we are Reflection Point. We partner with companies in diverse sectors all over the world, creating a space for colleagues to share ideas and perspectives, reflect on current challenges, co-create inclusive and collaborative workplaces, and nurture a culture of innovation. These enriching conversations deepen relationships and measurably improve psychological safety and belonging.
our growth


At Reflection Point, we aspire to continue our growth and expansion. With the results we have seen from our programs over the past decade, we are excited by the opportunity we see: to make a meaningful contribution to respectful and productive human engagement in the workplace and out in the community around the world.
annual reports

We recently changed our name from Books@Work to Reflection Point—our name has changed but our approach and the value we provide have not. Browse the selection of our annual reports below to learn more about our views, beliefs and experience.

"Reflection Point has been an amazing way to build community and get to know people around a short story or book. The titles we've read—they've just been so diverse and taken us to different countries, different continents, different times. The relationships and ties created by the sessions don’t go away. The way of looking at a problem and finding common goals around it doesn’t go away, either. That’s foundational, and it will help us tackle the tougher things."
Adaora Schmiedl
Parent Group Officer, Urban Charter School