How does my
company benefit?

Our growing body of evidence from Reflection Point indicates significant impact for individuals, teams and organizations. Across multiple programs, matching entry and exit surveys of hundreds of participants show increases in markers of social connection, psychological safety and belonging.
Improve Collaboration

Where are participants seeing the impact?


You can’t hate a man once you know him...

A group of machinists in an engine manufacturer met regularly to discuss a wide variety of books. They relished the chance to see a different side of their colleagues and to “respect one another’s thoughts more than they did before.” But they also credited Reflection Point with an increase in productivity. When asked why, a young member of the team suggested that Steinbeck said it best: “You can't hate a man once you know him,” he explained. “Now that we know each other, there’s not a problem we can’t solve together.”

Front-Line Manufacturing Team

Reflection Point strengthened bonds and opened minds to other points of view to support a more collaborative, productive culture among front-line employees.

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Academic Medical Center

Reflection Point sessions helped an academic medical center break down barriers and advance an inclusion initiative grounded in science and focused on belonging.

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National Law Firm

A professional services firm hosted Reflection Point every other week for eight months, engaging a cross-hierarchical, cross-functional group of employees.

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"I’ve built relationships with people here that normally I wouldn’t have. I now know the director and some other supervisors. When you get in here with your bosses, you build a relationship. You think, I know him. We read books together. We talk together."
Dan Contalfalsky
Shipping Control Coordinator, Warehouse Operations, National Manufacturer/Distributor