The science

The science is clear.

Scientific studies have consistently indicated that valued and respected employees are more innovative, collaborative and productive. But inclusive and collaborative innovation cultures take time and intentional investment in the relationship between colleagues at every level. Diverse and remote workforces make the health of these connections more important than ever.

Workplace relationships matter.

workplace learning.

Reflection Point happens at the intersection of individual and group learning to drive deeper, more beneficial outcomes more rapidly. Learning together opens the mind. Group learning the Reflection Point way creates moments when individuals truly realize that their story is not the story, and their perspective is not the only perspective. These moments give rise to a new collective narrative, a common language that invites trust, respect, openness and inclusion. In short, the authentic, sustainable connections that fuel a healthy and vibrant organizational culture.
Enhance Your Culture
by Charles Johnson
An experienced student challenges his young martial arts teacher at his kwoon in a rough urban neighborhood. This story raises issues of leadership and mentorship, how we can learn from the people we serve, how to recover from an exposure of weakness, and how to build trust with a disillusioned person.
The Hardware Man
By John O’Hara
A young man becomes the owner of a hardware store where he worked for many years. In growing the business, he sets a new standard of competition that forever changes his own store and the other local store in town—and arguably the town itself. The story tees up the balance between human effort and commercial success, explores styles of leadership and invites a discussion of business ethics and workplace culture.

It was eye-opening...

Ian was skeptical. A senior production supervisor of a Reflection Point client, he thought the value of the group discussion platform seemed tenuous. That changed after his first session. Now, he’s a vocal proponent. “It was an eye-opening experience,” he says. Ian sees the sessions as a “fantastic community-building experience that allows everyone to form more personal connections and gain a better understanding of the team as a whole.”
“Getting to talk to people at work about books can be so surprising. Sometimes when someone says something, it’s amazing what you learn. Once we get talking, it doesn’t matter who the managers are, either. When we talk about the books, we are all talking about the same thing. It's so interesting to see different outlooks.”
Keely Kellner
Advisor, Regulatory Management, National Manufacturer/Distributor