July 28, 2022

For Manufacturers, A Key to Culture and Inclusion Could Come From An Unlikely Place: Literature (Forbes)

By Ethan Karp
President and CEO of MAGNET, The Manufacturing Advocacy and Growth Network and Forbes Contributor

As manufacturing leaders, we spend much of our time thinking about how we can solve pressing problems through the most advanced systems at our disposal.

So, I’m enthralled by an approach to organizational culture and inclusion that is decidedly low-tech. It brings literature — short stories from science fiction to religion and everything in between — to the manufacturing floor, and with great results. The approach comes from a nonprofit named Reflection Point that turned to science to invent a program where people from all levels of an organization come together for facilitated discussions designed to build better cultures and stronger teams.

“We fundamentally believe,” Ann Kowal Smith, Reflection Point’s executive director, recently told me, “that organizations that invest in the relationships between their colleagues are the ones that can really leverage innovation, are better collaborators, and ultimately are able to be more inclusive – and perform better – than organizations that don’t.”

Read the full article at Forbes.

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