May 10, 2018

Literature changing lives: Books@Work helps local veterans start a new chapter (Fresh Water Cleveland)


At 10 a.m. on a Thursday morning, a group of veterans has gathered in the TV room on the first floor of the VA Domiciliary, located off East 105th Street in Glenville. These veterans—all men on this particular day—grew up in different cities in varying socio-economic settings. They served in different wars and suffer from different challenges: addiction, depression, homelessness, loneliness, PTSD. Most wear some signature military apparel, camouflage pants, a US Marine sweatshirt, or an Army baseball cap.

Today, they have one thing in common: “The Smiling People” by Ray Bradbury. Each has read the short story in advance from an anthology of the famous science-fiction author’s work. It’s part of an optional weekly session conducted by Books@Work, during which they will participate in a discussion gently facilitated by one of the organization’s participating college professors. (Today, it’s Thom Dawkins, a lecturer in the Case Western Reserve University English Department.)

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Image Credit:
Bob Perkoski
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