April 9, 2021

What's in a Name?

Most organizations don’t celebrate a 10th anniversary by changing their name. But that’s just what we are doing to celebrate the decade since our founding. Why?

Because those we have served over the years have helped us to shape the way we think about ourselves.

That’s why Books@Work has become Reflection Point. Our name may have changed, but our promise to our clients has not.

We have facilitated story-based discussions in workplaces all over the world, in multiple languages, at every level. We have brought colleagues together whose paths would never have crossed, and planted the seeds of respect, trust and friendship.

We’ve created spaces of honesty and sharing, spaces to “speak your truth” and learn about each other’s realities.

We have learned that an intentional pause to reflect and consider other viewpoints is rare but crucial to an organization’s well-being. Story based conversations provide the space to explore new ideas and connect more deeply to colleagues - whether we barely know them or have known them for years!  

But Books@Work is not about books, it’s about conversation - learning and sharing ideas together.  

The conversation - facilitated by an expert - invites a group to step back and reflect.  And this group reflection engages people to challenge their assumptions, listen humbly, and broaden their perspectives.  

That’s why we chose Reflection Point.

For some, reflection means a point in time and space to think deeply.  For others, it means to reflect on life experiences to make sense of the future.

Reflection means holding up the mirror to examine our assumptions and how they impede our ability to see the bigger picture. Collective reflection invites a group to deepen their perspectives and reframe challenges to unlock innovative ideas.

The very fact that the word reflection is open to interpretation and study makes it a good fit, like the stories we choose to read in a process designed to elicit new and diverse viewpoints.  

As we reflect (pun intended) on our last ten years, we know that the experience of connecting more deeply with others is “life changing.” And science tells us that it’s the missing link for organizational engagement and performance. We know it works, and we are energized to keep learning and growing.  

Thank you - for being on this journey with us. We remain committed to the highest quality programming - innovative, bold and collaborative. We have only just begun!

Today we renew our promise to inclusive and connected workplaces with a new name: Reflection Point.

Image Credit:
Henri Fantin-Latour, Roses in a Bowl, 1883, via The Metropolitan Museum of Art.
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