December 18, 2020

Reflection Point Discussion: Leadership Lessons from the Gods

Sometimes it’s the simplest stories that resonate so deeply they stop you in your tracks. These are the ones that stand the test of time.  

Franz Kafka’s “Poseidon” is one such story.

Written in 1920, it’s a comical take on the life of an exhausted God of the Sea. At the same time, it’s a cautionary tale of leadership, expectations and renewal.  

Why is it hard for leaders to ask for help?

Is leadership a privilege or a prison?  

Do you take the time you need to renew and refresh?

I recently joined a group of colleagues from Cultivating Leadership to explore Kafka’s story. This short podcast is a bite-sized sample of how far a simple story expands in a Reflection Point (formerly Books@Work) discussion.

Image Credit:
Rupert Bunny, National Gallery of Australia
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