December 8, 2021

The Future of Work Is...

If you had asked us in February 2020 whether story-based discussions could be as powerful on Zoom, we would have said no. In March 2020 we had not choice but to try.

But when the “in person” door closed, a window opened wider than we could have ever imagined.

Our 2020 Annual Report explores the ways in which constraints create opportunity.

The virtual platform narrowed our options but also expanded them:

  • We helped global teams realize that virtual work tools could also be culture-building tools.
  • No longer limited by geography, we brought facilitators to groups from all over the world.
  • We shortened the readings and lowered the barrier to entry: bringing a diverse array of short stories (and fewer books) to time-pressed organizations.

But 2020 also gave us a new lens on the future of work.

At Reflection Point, we have always believed that the most collaborative organizations invest in the depth and quality of relationships among their colleagues. As the future brings new hybrid ways of working together, this investment is more important than ever.

Why? Because so many of our individual contributions will not be enough. As we encounter and embrace new challenges, we need multi-disciplinary solutions. We know how to solve yesterday’s problems - tomorrow’s are another matter altogether. We can only solve them all together.

The only thing we know for sure: the future of work is collective.

Read our 2020 Annual Report here.

Image Credit:
Reflection Point, 2020 Annual Report
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